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Dance Music Masters 104 TILT | Falling Again – Deconstructed

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction (02:21)
Creative Foundations for the Track (02:33)
Writing the Original Vocal Version (02:19)
Recording a Lead Vocal (02:21)
Editing & Comping Vocals (02:19)
From the Original Idea to a Refined Track (02:19)
Drums & Percussion Programming (02:16)
Layering Basslines (02:34)
Adding Melodic Parts (03:37)
Layered Vocal FX (02:37)
Enhancing Mix Depth Using Synthesis (02:38)
Adding Sonic Textures (02:14)
Making a Dramatic Breakdown (02:55)
Multiple Delay Lines (02:40)
Vocal Compression & FX (02:47)
High-Pass Filtering Unwanted Frequencies (02:25)
Using Mix-Buss Compression (02:43)
Bouncing Stems for Mixdown (02:49)
The Role of the Mix Engineer (02:37)
Debuting the Track (06:04)

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