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Arduino Outputs

Video Introducing this tutorial

Prototyping with Outputs
Relays 06m 49s
High Voltage Relays 05m 55s

Prototyping Visual Feedback
Standard LEDs 06m 58s
Bi-Color LEDs 06m 30s
RGB LEDs 07m 53s
Smart LEDs 12m 35s
7 Segment Displays 07m 03s
LED Bar Graph 11m 19s
LCD Character Displays 06m 48s
Graphical Displays 05m 34s
OLEDs 04m 45s
Meter Display 05m 24s

Prototyping with Sound
Playing A Tone 02m 14s
Play Simple Music 02m 15s
High Fidelity Audio 05m 18s
MIDI 05m 58s

Prototyping Movement
Sliprings 02m 23s
DC Motors 12m 23s
Servo Basics 08m 57s
Modifying Servos 12m 04s
Stepper Motors 09m 03s
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Tips 01m 32s
Shape Memory Alloys 04m 00s