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Arduino OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Why OOP for Arduino?
List of Materials
Software Setup for the Course
Project overview and how to get the most out of this course

Your first Arduino Class - Led :
Create the Led Class Structure
Add Attributes to the Led Class
The Led Class Constructor
Add Methods to the Led Class
Use your Class in your Program - Create an Led Object

Organize the Class in a Clear Way :
Create a Header File for the Class
Create a Cpp file - Separate the Interface from the Implementation
Recap and How to Use and Read the Interface
Extra: Make Your Class an Arduino Library

Circuit for the Course :
Build the Circuit Step by Step

Your turn - Push button Class :
Create the PushButton Class Header File - Interface
Create the PushButton Class Cpp File - Implementation
Create a PushButton Object to Read the Button’s State
Handle Pull Up & Pull Down Resistors in the Class
Add More Abstraction to Know When the Button is Pressed
Debounce the Button Inside the Class
Combine LEDs and Buttons - Work with Multiple Objects

LedBlinker - Use a Class Inside Another Class :
Create the LedBlinker Class and Init the Led Inside
Toggle Led State from LedBlinker
Make the Led Blink Without Delay - Inside the Class
Add some Getters and Setters
Application Example - Make 3 LEDs Blink at Different Rates

Your turn - Traffic Light System :
Intro - Final Project Overview
The Interface and Main Program (help to get started)
Setup the TrafficLight Class
Add Methods to Init and Toggle Between the Leds
Add a State Machine Inside the Class
Use Time Functionalities to Wait Between Different States
Create a Class for the Potentiometer
Modify the Leds Brightness with the Potentiometer

Conclusion :
Project Conclusion and Improvements
How to Build an Arduino Project with OOP - Best Practices
What to do next
Bonus Lecture