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Appium Mobile Automation – Java – Android & IOS Apps & Cloud

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Appium overview
Installation and setup requirements

Android Automation Basics :
Required Links and Resources - MUST WATCH
Android - Installation and setup in Windows
Android - Emulator intro
Android - Eclipse create Project
Android Basic Building Blocks Part 1
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Android Basic Building Blocks Part 2
Android - Scroll | Swipe Part 1
Android - Scroll | Swipe Part 2
Android - Scroll | Swipe Part 3

Android Automation advanced :
Android - TouchAction class in Appium
Android - WebView Automation
Android - Mobile Websites Automation
Android - Code to start | stop Emulator
Android - Appium Desktop - Inspector tool
Android - Info on Real device automation

IOS Automation :
Refer Code here - Code used for Ios Automation
Ios - Installation and setup in MAC
Ios - Element Locator stretagies
Ios - Scroll | Swipe
Ios - Handle Picker Wheel Element
Few More Topic - refer this

Cloud providers Usage and benefits :
cloud - Intro to Cloud provider
cloud - Run test
cloud - inspector tool

Test Your Knowledge :
Answer the questions on topics we have learnt so far

Conclusion :
Conclusion - Few Tips and suggestions
Conclusion - Thanks!!