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Apache Spark 3 Programming | Databricks Certification Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction and Introduction to Apache Spark :
Introduction to Course
How does Computer performs analytics?
What is an Apache Spark?

Course Logistics :
Getting Started with Databricks Community Edition
How to access course material?

Introduction to Apache Spark Architecture :
Apache Spark Architecture
What is a dataframe?

Hands-on on PySpark Programming :
Dataframes in PySpark.
Renaming Columns
Selecting Columns.
Dropping Columns
Union of Dataframes
Sorting on Dataframes
Basic Aggregation Methods
Advanced Aggregation Methods
Partitioning on Dataframes
Broadcast and Accumulator
Persist and Caching on Dataframes
Time and Data Functions in PySpark
Reading and Writing (other) File Formats

Advanced Topics in PySpark :
Spark Code Lifecycle: Infrastructure Side
Spark Code Lifecycle: Framework Side
AQE: Adaptive Query Engine
UDF: User Defined Functions
Performance Optimization

Exam Logistics for Databricks Certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark 3.0 :
Databricks Certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark 3.0 Exam Logistics

Additional Contents: Machine Learning in PySpark :
Introduction to Regression
Hands-on on Regression
Introduction to Classification
Hands-on on Classification