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Animate an Anime Inspired, Stylized Female Run in Autodesk Maya.

Video Introducing this tutorial
1. Intro & Preview: Animate an anime inspired, stylized female run animation in Autodesk Maya.
2. Finding References
3. The Story of a Run
4. Identifying the Essential Poses of a Run
5. Setting Up the Project and Finding a Rig
6. Working With Video References
7. Setting Up Maya for Animation
8. Setting Up the Rig
9. Designing the Run Contact Pose
10. Mirroring Poses With Red9 Studio
11. Mirroring the Contact Pose
12. Improving the Contact Pose
13. Giving the Face a Bit of Emotion
14. Setting the Viewport Evaluation Mode to DG
15. Blocking With Stepped Tangents? Not Exactly.
16. Blocking Strategy The Tangents
17. Tracking the References
18. Devising the Kickoff Pose
19. Why It Is Important To Set a Key on All Controls for a Pose During Blocking
20. Designing the Up Pose
21. Designing the Down Pose
22. Writing Animation Notes to Yourself
23. Addressing Our Own Notes
24. Evaluating the Run Animation So Far
25. Troubleshooting From the Front View
26. Reducing the Head Ups and Downs
27. Introducing Back and Forth Body Motion
28. Troubleshooting the Face Animation
29. Watching the Animation on Twos
30. Make the Character Run Through Space
31. Splining the Body Animation
32. 032 Restoring Some of the Heads Ups and Down
33. Splining the Feet
34. Copying the Foot Animation to the Opposite Side
35. Splining the Arms
36. Tweaking the Splining
37. Cleaning IK Pops
38. Conclusion and Outro