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Angular 12 – Complete Essential Guide

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Angular :
What is an Angular ?
Angular Architecture Overview
Project List
Creating Angular Project
Angular Project Structure
Visual Studio Code and it's Features
Theory - Understanding the Angular Decorators
Project WorkSpace Configuration
Bootstrapping Angular Application
Angular CLI
Angular Console

Understanding Core Concept of Angular :
Theory - Angular Built-In Directives
Lab: Ng Modules
Lab: Components
Theory - Dependency Injection
Lab - Dependency Injection
Template Syntax
Lab: *ngFor
Binding Syntax
Event Bindings and Template Reference Variable
Accepting Inputs from Parent Template
Output Decorator and Event Emitter
Pipes in Angular

Project: Reddit Clone App :
Creating Reddit Clone Project and Bootstrap Implementation
UI form for Adding Articles
Add Article Function
Article Component and Marking
Article Class and Modified Component
Multiple Articles and Adding Articles
Deploying Reddit Clone App

Built-In Directives In Details :
Introduction to this Chapter
NgFor in Details

Forms In Angular :
Introduction to Forms
Template Driven Forms
Reactive Forms
Exercise : Object Based Forms

Dependency Injection in Details :
Singleton Pattern
Lab: Dependency Injection
Theory - Factory Pattern
Hierarchical Dependency Injectors
Lab: Types of Providers

HTTP Module :
HTTP Module Introduction
Lab - HttpModule and HttpClient

Routing in Angular :
Theory - Angular Routing Introduction
Theory - Angular RoutingModule and Router
Lab - Angular RoutingModule and Router
Lab - Child Routes
Theory - AuthGuard In Angular
Theory - Lazy Loading Modules
Updates - Theory - Lazy Loading
Lab - Lazy loading and AuthGuards
Updates - Lab - Lazy Loading

Angular Material - Project :
Theory - Introduction to Angular Material
Exploring Angular Material Documentation
Adding Angular Material to Angular Project
Project Routing and Modules
Converting project to SCSS and Adding material Module
Navigation Component
Navigation from Object and Child Components
Dynamic CSS
Angular Material Dashboard Symatics
Testing Dynamic CSS and Dashboard
Testing Project

Mobile App Development Project with Angular and IONIC 4 :
Project Demo
Setting Up The Development Environment
Creating New IONIC Project
Opening Project in VS Code
Home Module and IONIC Documentation
Adding Fab Button
Add Expense Modal
Expense Modal #2
Add Component UI
Application in IOS Emulator
Running Application on Android Emulator
Home Page UI
Observable to Hold Data
Add Expense Validation
UI For Expense In Home Page
Saving and Getting Data From Storage
Change Date Event
Testing Application on IPhone Emulator
Testing on Android Emulator
Decimal Keyboard
Deploying to Google Play Store
Deploying to App Store