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Alteryx MasterClass – Lets get started

Video Introducing this tutorial

Let's explore Alteryx together :
Hello Altery - Introduction
Important - before you start
Download all resources here
2 Alteryx - Lets explore the interface
3 How to get our data into alteryx
4 How to connect to a SQL database in practise
5 How to use the browse tool and saving cleaned data
6 Select tool - all you need to know
7 Auto Field - let Alteryx figure out the correct datatype
8 Data Cleansing fast and efficient
9 The Filter tool - a deep dive
10 The formula tool and how to use it
11 Data Preparation with Generate Rows in Alteryx
12 Data Preparation - Imputation - Dealing with missing values
13 Data Preparation - Binning in Alteryx
14 Data Preparation - Multiple Calculations at once in Alteryx
15 Data Preparation - Multi Row Formula Tool and where to use it
16 Data Preparation other useful tools in Alteryx
17 Data Preparation - Classifying your data in Tiles in Alteryx
18 Combining Data - How to use the Union Tool in Alteryx
19 Cleaning data with the Find and Replace Tool in Alteryx
20 Using the Append Tool in Alteryx with caution
21 How to use the Make Group aka make Friends tool in Alteryx
22 How to match fields which do not match in Alteryx - fuzzy match
23 Joining in Alteryx - available options
24 Parsing Tools and how to use them in Alteryx 1
25 Parsing Tools and how to use them in Alteryx 2 Regex
26 Transforming Data in Alteryx Arrange and Count Records
27 Pivoting and Unpivoting - Cross Tab and Transpose in Alteryx
28 Alteryx Cummulative Sales - Running Total and how it works
29 Aggregation with Summarize - Most important tool
30 Weighted Average Calculation in Alteryx
31 Dynamics - Additional useful tools in Alteryx
32 How to combine multiple excel tabs into alteryx
33 Webscraping - How to get foreign exchange rates in Alteryx
34 Bonus - Webscraping - Getting Tables from Websites with Python in Alteryx
NEW - A free resource for bonus videos tips and tricks
How to become an Alteryx Master
35 Final Words and Case Study