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Agile Kanban: Kanban for Software Development Teams

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the Course:
Introducing the Course and Your Instructor

Introduction to Kanban and Kanban Board:
Introduction to Kanban
Introduction to Kanban Board

Process Improvement: Identifying Inefficiencies/Issues:
Finding Inefficiencies in the Process
Underutilization of Resources
Unequal-Sized Tasks
Marking the Tasks
Other Issues

Kanban Practices:
Defining Done
Daily Standup
Specifying Rules

Key Agile Concepts:
Introduction to Agile Concepts
Agile Concepts: Product Backlog
Agile Concepts: Theme, Epic, and Story
Agile Estimation: Introduction
Agile Estimation: Relative Estimation
Agile Estimation: T-Shirt and Fibonacci
Agile Estimation: Planning Poker
Agile Concepts: Introduction to Burndown Charts
Agile Concepts: Burndown Chart Creation
Agile Concepts: Burndown Charts Activity
Minimum Viable Product
Team Velocity