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Agile Fundamentals: Including Scrum and Kanban – 2020

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the Course! :
Introducing Your Instructors - Jeremy and Vivek
IMPORTANT LINKS: Please review and bookmark

Understanding Agile :
Introduction to Agile
Adjusting Course Speed
Agile Manifesto: Agile Values
ACTIVITY: Agile Terms Word Search
12 Agile Principles
Agile Principles Downloadable Resources
ACTIVITY: Your Top 5 Agile Principles
Activity Response: Jeremy, The BA Guide
Activity Response: Vivek, The Agile Coach
Benefits of Using Agile
Challenges of Using Agile
Setting the Stage for the Remainder of the Course
Validating the Agile concepts
4 questions

Scrum Methodology: Overview, Values, and Roles :
Scrum Overview
Scrum Values
The Concept of Sprints
Scrum Roles Overview
Role of a Scrum Master
Role of a Product Owner
Role of a Development Team
Verifying your Scrum Knowledge
5 questions

Scrum Methodology: Scrum Ceremonies and Events :
Daily Stand-Up Meeting
Sprint Planning Meeting
Sprint Review Meeting
Sprint Retrospective
Backlog Grooming
Example Calendar Views
Confirming your learning on ceremonies
5 questions

Scrum Methodology: Scrum Terms and Artifacts :
User Stories
User Stories: Acceptance Criteria
Writing Great User Stories
User Story Examples
Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog
Working Agreements
Definition of Ready
Definition of Done
Casual Conversation about Definition of Ready and Definition of Done
Product Increment
More Scrum Knowledge Validation
6 questions

Estimating in Agile :
Introduction to Estimating
Estimating in Agile
Estimating in Agile: Why Estimate?
Estimating in Agile: Estimation Techniques (Part 1 of 2)
Estimating in Agile: Estimation Techniques (Part 2 of 2)
Estimation Quiz
3 questions

Other Agile Roles :
Overview of the Other Agile Roles
Other Roles: Project Sponsor
Other Roles: Business Leaders
Other Roles: Technology Leaders
Agile Detractors - Leadership
Other Roles: Subject Matter Expert / Senior User
Other Roles: Business Users
Other Roles: Agile Coach
Applying this Knowledge to Other Agile Frameworks

Scrum Methodology: Digging Deeper :
Team Velocity
Burndown Chart
Burn Up Chart
Using Charts with Non-Fibonacci Estimates
Responsible to Complete Burndown and Burn Up Charts
ACTIVITY: Scrum Terms Worksheet
Activity Solution Review: Scrum Terms Worksheet
ACTIVITY: Scrum Terms Retention Worksheet

Kanban Methodology :
Intro to Kanban & Four Basic Principles
Kanban Board
Kanban Cards
Six General Practices of Kanban
Kanban Key Metrics
Kanban Metrics Based on Board Type
Kanban Demo: Trello
ACTIVITY: Setup Trello
ACTIVITY: Follow along with Trello demo #2
Kanban Demo: JIRA
Kanban Board Statuses
Kanban Swimlanes
Steps to Implement Kanban
A Casual Conversation about Kanban
Concluding Kanban
Getting Started with a Kanban Checklist
Checking your Kanban Knowledge
3 questions

Scrumban Methodology :
Scrumban Overview
Scrumban Debate: Sprint
Scrumban: Continuous Flow
Scrumban: Timebox
Scrumban: Feature Freeze
Scrumban: Target Audience
A Casual Conversation about Scrumban
ACTIVITY: Agile Terms Crossword Puzzle
ACTIVITY: Agile Terms Crossword Puzzle - Answer Key

Wrapping Things Up :
Thanks for Enrolling!
Bonus Lecture: What's Next?