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Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 Essential Illustrator and Graphic Design Training

Video Introducing this tutorial
01-welcome to adobe illustrator 2021 cc
02-getting started in illustrator
03-drawing in illustrator-constructing with shape
04-how to use the shape builder tool
05-how to export your work for your assignments
06-assignment 1-practice drawing with shapes
07-assignment 1 solution
08-drawing with shapes and the shape builder tool
09-assignment 2-design an awesome fox with the shape builder tool
10-assignment 2 solution
11-draw a custom logo-eccentric shapes
12-assignment 3-drawing impossible shapes
13-assignment 3 solution
14-how to draw with the curvature tool
15-curvature and handles-more control over the curves
16-assignment 4-curvature tool challenge
17-assignment 4 solution
18-drawing with the pen tool-essentials
19-drawing with the pen tool-one step further-method 2
20-drawing with the pen tool-my favorite method 3
21-turning smooth into corners and vice versa
22-assignment 5-pen tool challenge and practice
23-assignment 5 solution-pen tool challenge and practice
24-how to use the pencil tool
25-how to trace an image with the pencil tool
26-magic with the width tool
27-awesome artworks with the pencil and width tool
28-assignment 6-beautiful girl challenge-width tool
29-assignment 6 solution-beautiful girl challenge-width tool
30-advanced stroke options
31-how to work with groups
32-how to work with layers
33-how to use type in adobe illustrator cc-create a simple brochure
34-how to work with fonts
35-the newish variable fonts
36-assignment 7-design your flyer-freestyle
37-assignment 7 solution-design your flyer-freestyle
38-how to easily set type on a curved path
39-how to curve type on circular shapes
40-assignment 8-design a circular logobadge
41-assignment 8 solution-design a circular logobadge
42-the touch type tool turn move and scale letters in a type
43-logo design how to create your own awesome type style
44-masking images with shapes
45-how to use multiple shapes to mask an image-compound path
46-cutting image with type
47-how to work with compound path
48-draw inside stays inside
49-color modes in adobe illustrator cc
50-swatches and swatch libraries
51-handy way to pick color combinations-color themes from adobe
52-creating color harmony-copying colors from images
53-how to create linear gradient
54-working with radial gradient
55-advanced freeform gradient
56-how to add gradient on type
57-just for fun-gradient swatches
58-assignment 9 abstract artwork with gradient colors
59-assignment 9 solution abstract artwork with gradient colors
60-recoloring your artwork with the recolor tool
61-assignment 10 recolor your butterfly with a group of your choice
62-repeating patterns fill patterns
63-how to edit your patterns
64-how to create your own pattern
65-assignment 11-design an awesome pattern
66-assignment 11 solution-design an awesome pattern
67-footsteps simple transform repeats
68-concentric shape repeats
69-scale shapes repeats
70-repeating shapes
71-assignment 12-draw your concentric artwork
72-how to vectorize and recolor an image
73-saving for the web-create pdf for web
74-saving for print-create pdf for print
75-exporting for web-images and assets
76-packaging your work
77-free adobe templates in illustrator
78-how to use cc libraries
79-setting up the artboards and design your first icon
80-idea icon-bulb is on
81-baby face icon
82-wifi icon and its black fill counterpart
83-imac icon and its black fill conter part
84-how to create mockups for branding and merchandising
85-ai20 sx1 l2 mockup tshirts
86-ai20 sx1 l3 mockup mugs
87-ai20 sx1 mockup l1 pillow
88-ai20 s16 l1 next