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A-Z Python Bootcamp(2021)-Basics to Data Science (50+ Hours)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Python Introduction :
Python Introduction - Part 2
History of Python
Features in Python

Basic Python Set-up :
Tools Online for coding
Set-up of Python
After set-up

Python programming basics :
Hello World
Python Naming convention
Keywords in python
Python basic Syntax
Lines and identation
MultiLine Statement
Comments in Python

Assigning in Python :
Assigning DataTypes
Data Types and bit calculation
Multiple assignment in Python
Type conversion

Operators in Python :
Arithmetic Operators
Comparison Operators
Assignment Operators
Logical Operator
Bitwise Operator
Membership Operator
Identity Operator
Precedence of Operator

Loop and Comparison using Python :
Decision making
Nested if and Else
For Loop
While Loop
Range in Python
Nested Loop
Loop control -Part 1- Break
Loop control -Part 2 - Continue
Loop control -Part 3 - Pass
Iterators and Generators

Functions in Python :
Numbers and Type conversion
Mathematical functions
Random Numbers
Trignometric function
Getting input
Accessing Strings
Updating the strings
Character in String
String Formatting
String Operators
Quotes in Strings
String function

List, Tuples and Dictionary :
List introduction
List Basic options
List Advanced Option
Tuples Introduction
Tuples Basics
Tuples Advanced
Dictionary Introduction
Dictionary basics
Dictionary Advanced

Date and Time :
Date and time- Basics
Date Modules
Date Directives

Functions and modules in Python :
Function Introduction
Argument in Function
Function other topics
Module advanced
Modules - How to call a module
Exception and its types
Exception and its usage

File Handling :
File Handling Introduction
File open and close
File modes
File read and write
File and its directory methods
OS directory - Part 2
OS directory -Part 3

Object Orientated Programming :
OOPS Introduction
Class and objects
Init method
Constructor and self
Types of variables
Types of Method
Inner Class
Constructor Inheritance
Duck Typing
Operator Overloading
Method Overloading

Regular Expression :
Regex Introduction
Search and match
Regex character set and literal
Regex Character set - Part 2
Names and quantifiers
Non-capture group and back reference
Flags in Regex

Introduction to Data Structure :
Introduction of Data Structure and Algorithm -1
Introduction - Part 2
Introduction - Part 3
Introduction - Part 4
Introduction - Part 5
Introduction - Part 6

Recursion - Data Structures :
Recursion Introduction
Why Recursion
Format and Internal working
Examples of Recursion
Recursion vs Iteration
Advantages & Disadvantage of Recursion
Recursion- Example 1
Recursion- Example 2
Python Implementation of Recursion

Algorithm Run time :
Algorithm run time- Introduction
Algorithm run time notation
Time Complexity
Example- Part 1
Example - Part 2
Example - Part 3
Python Explanation

Array - Data structure :
Array Introduction
1D and types of array
1D Array Python Implementation
2D array
2D Array Python Implementation

Stack - Data Structure :
Stack Introduction
Stack Rest of the concepts
Stack Program Introduction
Stack- Other functionality programs
Stack Implementation in Python

Queue - Data Structure :
Queue Introduction
Queue creation and enqueue
Linear Queue- Other functionality
Linear queue - Program
Linear queue - Python Implementation
Circular Queue - Introduction
Circular Queue - Other functionality
Circular Queue - Program
Circular Queue Python Implementation

Linked List :
Linked List - Introduction
Array vs Linked List
Types of Linked List
Memory Allocation
Creation of Linked list
Insertion in Linked List
Traverse and Search of Linked List
Deletion of Linked List
Singly Linked List- Python Implementation
Creation of circular Linked list
Insertion in Circular Linked list
Insertion Algorithm in Circular Linked List
Traverse and search of Circular Linked list
Deletion of circular Linked list
Singly Circular Linked list - Python Implementation
Creation of Doubly Linked list
Insertion in Doubly Linked list
Insertion algorithm of Double Linked list
Traverse and search in Doubly Linked list
Deletion of Doubly Linked List
Doubly Linked list - Python Implementation
Creation of Doubly circular Linked List
Insertion design in Doubly Circular Linked list
Insertion Algorithm in Doubly circular Linked list
Traverse and search of Doubly Circular Linked list
Doubly Circular Linked List - Python Implementation

Tree - Data Structure :
Tree Introduction
Why tree data structure
Tree terminalogy - Part 1
Tree Terminalogy -Part 2
Introduction to Binary Tree
Types of binary tree
Binary tree representation
Create Binary tree
Pre-order traversal(LL)
In-Order Traversal(LL)
Post-order Traversal(LL)
Level Order traversal (LL)
Binary Tree Traversal - Python Implementation
Insertion in Binary tree(LL)
Search in Binary tree(LL)
Deletion in Binary Tree(LL)
Delete Binary Tree(LL)
Creation of Binary Tree(A)
Insertion in Binary tree(A)
Insertion algorithm in Binary tree(A)
In-Order Traversal(A)
Pre-Order Traversal(A)
Post-order Traversal(A)
Deletion in Binary Tree(A)
Delete Binary tree(A)

Binary Search Tree :
Binary search tree Introduction
Binary search tree Introduction-2
Create search using binary search tree
Insert using binary search tree
Insert algorithm using binary search tree
Deletion using binary search tree
Delete binary search tree
Binary Search Tree - Python Implementation

AVL Tree :
AVL Tree Introduction
What is AVL Tree
Creation and Search in AVL Tree
Traversal in AVL Tree
Insertion in AVL Tree
Left-Left Violation
Right-right Violation
Left-Right Violation
Right-Left Violation
AVL Tree - Violation and rotation - Python Implementation
Deletion in AVL Tree
AVL Tree - Removal and testing - Python Implementation

Heap in Data Structure and Algorithm :
Binary heap- Introduction
Types of Heap tree
Creation of Heap tree
Heap - Buildin Function - Python Implementation
Peek and search in heap tree
Insertion of Heap tree
Deletion of heap tree
Delete heap tree
Heap Tree - - Python Implementation part 1
Heap Tree - - Python Implementation part 2

Trie in Data Structure and Algorithm :
Trie Introduction
Insertion in Trie
Deletion in Trie

Hashing in Data Structure :
Hashing Introduction
Hash Function
Collision in Hashing
Collision Resolution- Part 2
When collision is full
Comparison of Collision technique
Application of Hashing

Sorting in Data Structure :
Sorting - Introduction and Terminalogies_Fiinal
Bubble Sort
Bubble Sort - Python Implementation
Selection Sort
Selection Sort - Python Implementation
Insertion Sort
Insertion sort - Python Implementation
Bucket Sort
Merge Sort
Merge Sort - Python Implementation
Quick Sort - Part 1
Quick Sort - Part 2
Quick Sort - Python Implementation
Heap Sort - Part 1
Heap Sort - Part 2

Graph in Data Structure and Algorithm :
Graph Introduction
Graph Terminology
Types of Graph
BFS - Part 1
BFS- Part 2
BFS- Python Implementation
DFS in Graph Traversal - Python Implementation
Topological sort -Part 1
Topological Sort - Part 2
Single Source shortest Path - Explanation
Single Source shortest Path - Algorithm
Disadvantage of BFS and DFS in SSSP
Djistra Algorithm
Dijkstra's Algorithm - Python Implementation
Bellmann ford
Bellmann Ford Algorithm
Bellamann Ford Negative cycle
Bellmann Ford - Python Implementation
All Source shortest path Algorithm
Dry run All source shortest path Algorithm
Minimum Spamming Tree
Disjoint Set
Kruskal Algorithm
Kruskal Algorithm - Python Implementation
Prims Algorithm

Magic Framework :
Magic Framework

Greedy Algorithm :
Greedy Algorithm - Introduction
Greedy Algorithm - Sorting
Greedy Algorithm - Min spamming tree
Activity selection problem
Coin Change Problem
Fractional knapsack

API & Web scraping :
API Introduction
Installation of request HTML
Get Response from API
Get JSON response
Historical data
ITunes API and reading the values
ITunes and Pandas
Edamam Registration
API using registered website
Currency Converter Application
Introduction to HTML and JavaScripts
Introduction Web scraping
Beautiful Soup and Workflow of Scraping
Implementatioin of Scraping using BS-1
Wiki Scraping using BS-2
Wiki Scraping using BS-Part 3
Rotten Tomatos - Part1
Rotten Tomato -Part 2
Rotten Tomato - Part 3
Rotten Tomato -Part 4
Rotten Tomato- Part 5

Web Scraping with Scrapy :
Introduction to Scrapy
Installation of Scrapy
Components of Scrapy Part 1
Components of Scrapy - Part 2
First Spider
CSS Selector
Xpath Selector
Quotes to scrap - Part 1
Quotes to Scrape - Part 2
Saving data in JSON, XML, CSV
Item Container
SQL Basic
Storing value in DB
Scrape using next- Final

Introduction to Django :
Introduction of Django
Download of Software
Installation of Django
Django Layer
Security in Django
Admin and Performance in Django

Django- Project 1 :
Project 1- Overview
Create Django and Running
Components of Django
Creating new page view
Creating a HTML form
Naviagtion from one URL to another with values
Finalizing the project 1

Django- Project 2 :
Blogging Project Overview
Blogging project Installation
Apps introduction and creation of Apps
Linking the application with Views, URL
Models in Django
Admin in Django
Display Post in Home
Display all info including post
Display post based on clicking in Home page
Bootstrap of Home page
Bootstrap design of Post Page

Django- Project 3- Weather API :
API Project - Overview
Creation of project and API account
Intial setup of HTML
Basic Usage of API
Usage of Models for Multiple API
Getting input form form
Validation of Forms Input
Removal of values in API project

Machine Learning Introduction :
Introduction to mahine learning framework
Overview of framework
Types of Machine learning
Types of Data
Evauation in Machine Learning
Model in Machine Learning
Experiment and Tools used in Machine Learning

Pandas in Data science :
Introduction of Pandas
How to use Jupiter Notebook
Series, DataFrame, CSV
Describe data in Pandas
Selecting and viewing data- Part 1
Selecting and viewing- Part 2
Error from last video- reset_index
Manupulation of data - Part 1
Manipulation of data - Part 2
Manipulation of Data- Part 3

Numpy in Data science and machine learning :
Numpy Overview
Numpy Introduction
Numpy Datatype and Attribute
Creating array in Numpy
Random seed in Numpy
Viewing matrix in Numpy
Manipulation in Numpy - Part 1
Manipulation in Numpy- Part 2
Standard deviation and Variance
Reshape and Transpose
Dot function in numpy
Project using Numpy
Comparison in Numpy
Sorting in Numpy
Image to data

Matplotlib in Data science :
Introduction to Matplotlib
Matplotlib Overview
Matplot first Plot
Types of creating plots
Workflow of MatplotLib
Line and Scatter plots
Bar and Histogram
Sub-plots- Part 2
Plotting with Pandas-Part1
Plotting with Pandas-2
Plotting with Pandas-3
Histogram of Heart dataset
Pyplot vs OO method
Advanced Matplots- Part 1
Advanced Matplot- Part 2
Customization of Plots- 1
Customization of plots - 2
Customization of plots -3
Saving of Plots

Scikit Learn :
Introduction to Scikit Learn
Scikit learn overview
Workflow iintroduction
SKLearn Workflow- Part 1
SKlearn workflow- Part 2
SKLearn workflow- Part 3
Getting data ready- Part 1
Getting data ready- Why we need to convert Data to number - Part 2
Getting data ready-convert Data to number - Part 3
Getting data ready - Handling missing data - Part 1
Getting data ready- Handling missing data - Part2
Choosing estimator- 1
Choosing estimator - 2
Choosing estimator -3
Fit in Sklearn
Predict the result- 1
predict the result - 2
Predict the result - 3
Evaluation Types - Score method
Evaluation- Scoring Parameter- Part 1
Evaluation- Scoring Parameter - Part 2
Evaluation scoring- Part 3
Evaluation scoring - Part 4
Evaluation- confusion Matrix-1
Evaluation- confusion matrix - 2
Evaluation - Classification report
Evaluation Regression- R Squared
Evaluationi Regression- MAE
Evaluation Regression- MSE
Evaluation- Scoring parameter-Final
Evaluation - metric function
Improve the model-Introduction
Improve the model- Basics
Improve the model- Manual
Improve- RandomSearchCV
Improve- GridSearchCV
Saving- joblib
All in one - Part 1
All in one - Part 2
All in one - Part 3

Supervised Learning :
Supervised learning- Introduction
Package and DataSet Used
Data analysis and Basic Plotting
Data Correlation in modelling-Final
Getting data ready for modelling
Model explained in Detail
Improving the Model_Randomized SearchCV
Grid Search CV

Unsupervised Learning :
Unsupervised Learning - Introduction
Application of Unsupervised Learning
Clustering Introduction
Finding distance in Clustering
KMeans Clustering- Introduction
Kmeans Algorithm- Project 1
Kmeans Algorithm - Project 2
Kmeans Algorithm- Project 3- Part 1
Kmeans- Project 3- Part 2
Kmeans- Project 4- Part 1
Kmeans- Project 4- Part 2
Hierarchical Clustering- Part 1
Hierarchical clustering- Implementation