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SciFi Ship Series in Maya

02-Schematics and Modelling Foundations
03-Cockpit Modelling
04-Beginning the Main Hull
05-Following Schematic Lines
06-Finishing the Hull and Mirroring
02-Building Wings
03-The Wing Arm and Engine
04-Creating the Rear Fin and Nacelles
05-Expanding the Nacelles
06-Nacelle Wings N Things
02-Nacelle Hitch Piece and Rear
03-Refining Hull Features
04-Creating the Wing Fins
05-Using Insert Edgeloops
02-Greebles, Booleans, IMM Brush
03-Nacelle IMM Brush Work
04-Hull Intakes and Engine Work
05-Adding Hull Elements
06-Lower Nacelle Elements
02-Booleans on the Nacelles
03-Wing Arms Booleans
04-Hull Panel Loops
05-Extra Hull Booleans
06-Beginning of the End
07-Final Touches

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