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Advanced Scripting in Maya

Video Introducing this tutorial

02-Defining the Problem
03-Design Principals
04-Low Level Procedures
05-Tagging Meshes Procedure
06-Find Objects Procedure
07-Find Blendshapes Procedure
08-Clear Garbage Procedure
09-Export Node Procedures 01
10-Export Node Procedures 02
02-Model Procedures
03-Animation Procedures
04-Copy and Connect Skeleton Procedure
05-Transform to Origin Procedure
06-Anim Layer Procedures
07-Set Anim Layers From Settings Procedure
08-Export Procedures
09-Export FBX Animation Procedure
10-Export FBX Character Procedure
11-Errata and Conclusion
02-Defining the UI Behavior
03-Tag for Origin Button
04-Populate Model Export Nodes Panel
05-Populate Geometry Panel
06-Update Model Export Settings
07-Export Buttons
08-Filename UI
09-Popup Menus - Select and Delete
10-Popup Menus - Rename
02-Populate Export Nodes Panel
03-Create New Export Nodes and Popup Menus
04-Update UI Settings
05-Export Node From UI
06-AnimLayer Buttons
07-Export Buttons and Popup Menus
08-Debugging Animation Tab
09-Debugging Model Tab

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