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2021 Fullstack: Full Laravel with QRCodes, APIs, Android/iOS

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Before you continue
setup laravel
create user authentication

Migrations :
create migrations
Qrcode migration file
create roles migration
create migration for transactions table
run migrations

Laravel generator :
install laravel generator
setup laravel generator
Do not delete the User.php file in the next video
generate front end files
implement soft deletes

Frontend templating :
Folder structure
bootstrap template

QRCodes :
Install QRCodes
create qrcode path
celanup the create qrcode page
generate qrcode
correct qrcode update
dispaly qrcode
scan qrcode and retrieve message
review of road map
create different user roles
cleanup the qrcode index page
fix the after edit redirection
cleanup the qrcode page
cleanup the qrcode interface

User Roles and Relationships :
Cleanup roles show
Cleanup roles index
one to many relationships
one to many relationships 2
one to many relationships 3
cleanup transactions index
cleanup user show
cleanup user index page
cleanup user edit
user levels

User permissions and authorization :
Hash password
Remove images
organise menus according to user roles
indicate logged in status
list users that belong to roles
list all transactions under a qrcode
list users transactions and qrcodes
how to create middleware
testing the middleware
creating middleware for users

Accounts :
accounts migration
generate blade pages for accounts
add extra fields to accounts
cleanup accounts index
one to many relationship for user accounts
number format for amount
cleanup account edit page
cleanup accounts show page
partition accounts show page
adding account histories
account histories
add payout button
add buttons
add routes
create payout function
complete payout request
create mark as paid function
add payment status to accounts
restrict access to urls
add profile menu
add my accounts menu
remove qrcodes
split divs accordingly

Accepting payments :
cleanup signin and signup pages
Installing paystack laravel package
create paystack account
integrate paystack button
test payment gateway
study the returned data from paystack
add external form
create new payment page
create new payment page 2
initiate transaction
adjust transaction
test paystack payment again
receive paystack data
update owner account
create owner account history
transactions redirect
add time to transactions index
return to merchant site
split transaction screen
data tables
front end validation for qrcodes

Building APIs and API Resources :
another look at the roadmap
API resources
API resource collection
API resource fields
Installing passport and setting up faker
QRCode faker
Transaction faker
account faker
Account history faker
select random item from array
Roles seeder
Fixing evil faker bugs
Installing passport and vuejs
configure user API detail route
Personal access tokesn
Personal access tokens setup
creating oauth clients from command line
test oath toke
check if request wants json
return json for qrcode creation
create qrcode API
edit qrcode API reqeust
API pagination
Resource collection
qrcode code show resource
API form validation using requests
testing api form validation
creating update qrcode api form validation
adding http status response codes
adding response codes
cleaning up the Qrcode controller

API Exception handling :
Handling error exception
Add more exceptions
How to throw exceptions from controller

Create client app
Install guzzle
setup guzzle
retrieve list of qrcodes
create layout for frontend

Bootstrap 4 tutorial :
import bootstrap
display products
retrieve product details
pay with paystack

Ionic tutorial for android and ios development :
Install ionic and nodejs
setup ionic
app structure
ionic folder structure
install qrcode scanner
install ionic browser platform
enable qrcode camera
create .apk file
install apk on phone
fixing the scanner code
tips and tricks for phone installation
change qrcode content
add ionic loader
install inApp browser
add inapp browser to app module
Test ionic app
Remove toggle menu